We have had some great interaction with the NTSB (www.ntsb.gov) in our continuous focus to stay abreast of industry standards and in knowing exactly what is expected of us from authorities when responding with and on behalf of our clients. Elias Kontanis (Chief, Transportation Disaster Assistance Division) and his team has been exceptional in their knowledge sharing. Elmarie Marais and Mario Gomez walked away from the NTSB headquarters in Washington with a bag full of knowledge that will benefit our team in responding to major incident and accidents in the United States and other parts of the world.    Mario Gomez (VP Operations Americas) and Hendrik Crous (VP Operations Africa) has recently attended the NTSB  Transportation Disaster Response & Family Assistance Workshop at Sea-Tac Airport.

We find that many of our airline clients find it a challenge to respond in outstations with limited resources, relying on partners and with large time delays for the go-team’s arrival. Understanding these issues and facing these challenges with our clients, GoCrisis has written an Outstation Emergency Response Plan Template that can be adapted to individual stations. The NTSB training has helped a lot in understanding the issues and requirements in the USA. We believe that airline Station Managers need the tools, knowledge and confidence to manage the first overwhelming hours of a major incident or accident. Sending your key personal to the frontline with a plan, with authority to make decisions and with a toolkit to maintain a sound response until reinforcements arrive is key to your crisis management. The Outstation Emergency Response Plan Template is complementary to our retained clients and includes multilingual signage.