We are so excited to announce the latest members of our team, Barbara Kracht (Toulouse), Iskandar Mirza (Melbourne), Steve Manion (Perth) and Parul Ghosh (Mumbai).

These star members have hit the ground running with Barbara presenting at our Aviation Emergency Management Forum in Dubai, Iskandar supporting a client withe the restructuring of their Critical Incident Management Team, and Steve implementing our new CRM system to streamline communications with clients and GoResponders. Parul helped with arranging our recent Mumbai GoResponder training.

Barbara Kracht

Having held the prestigious position of Vice President of Media Relations for Airbus, Barbara has exceptional experience in Media Relations, Communications and Crisis Communications. Barbara had to advise on and manage many kinds of crisis, including multiple aircraft accidents. This gave her a unique insider’s perspective and a wealth of knowledge in all that post-accident communications entail.

Iskandar Mirza

Iskandar held leadership positions with Changi Airport Group and Singapore Civil Defence Force as Fire Station Commander. At Changi, he was responsible in getting one of the world’s best airports crisis ready. He was primary staffer to Changi’s Chairperson for Air Asia QZ8501 crash, providing assistance to affected families. He was a key crisis staffer during many other incidents within Changi Airport. Iskandar was deployed as contingent media officer in Bush Fires in Sumatra and Earthquake in Pakistan.


Steve has been an integral part of the GoCrisis team for many months as a GoResponder Team Leader and our Call Centre Manager. With his sound background in business development management in the IT industry in the United States and Australia, Steve has now joined the full-time team to support GoCrisis associates in their commercial work. Steve’s technical knowledge in software, hardware and call centre platforms has made him a valuable member of our call centre team as the GoCrisis Call Centre (GoCC) Manager during crisis.

Parul Ghosh

Parul Ghosh is based in Mumbai, India and has worked on issues like Disability Rights, Gender based violence in India and Youth empowerment. Through her work, she has implemented projects globally and worked towards setting up of local networks in Africa, Arab Region and the Commonwealth of Independent States, while working with agencies such as the United Nations (DESA), Bank Information Centre and World Health Organisation.