GoCrisis will provide strategic consultancy services and emergency response to clients in North America, Central America and South America.

“Opening an office in the United States is a major achievement in the growth of GoCrisis,” said Elmarie Marais, managing director of GoCrisis. “We are now in a better position to service our clients better and connect with new clients in the Americas seeking emergency response and consulting services.”

GoCrisis Management Pty. Limited is an Australian based company with a worldwide network of crisis responders and associates. With first-hand, international crisis management experience across multiple industries, our multi-international team of specialists supports organizations through complex crises and issues.

“The cornerstone of GoCrisis’s core belief is to empower our clients with knowledge, skills and resources to respond effectively to a crisis,” Marais continues. “We do this by building a strong partnership through unreserved information sharing, training and by keeping our methods and practices in alignment with key global standards.”

The U.S. office is located in Houston, Texas and Mario E. Gomez will serve as vice president, Americas.