The GoTeam consists of an energetic, multi disciplinary team with extensive experience in managing international crises across multiple industries. We apply our field experience with current research and knowledge to provide our clients with up-to-date tools that apply the latest challenges and opportunities in crisis management. Our core response team is a multinational team and between us, we speak 6 languages and we have over a hundred years of collective experience in some of the world’s largest brands. Meet our associates:

Wilfred Kreuger

Wilfred has 20 years’ airport operations experience. He has serviced flagship carriers such as British Airways, Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Egypt Air, FlyBe and Malaysian Airlines. His ground handling experience over the years included roles as station head, load controller, turnaround coordinator and flight manager.

Wilfred was Station Head for Malaysia Airlines during the MH17 tragedy where he supported the airline’s response in Amsterdam as the Airport Crisis Centre Coordinator, field manager and logistics manager.

Lawrence McDonnell

Lawrence McDonnell is based in Moscow and runs a PR agency of 20 staff with a strong focus on consumer and corporate crisis communications. He is a former BBC correspondent and bureau chief in the region, with more than 20 years’ experience in working across Russian-speaking markets. That experience includes first response and deployment to the scene of a major air crash in Russia with loss of all passengers and crew and subsequent work with the airline in engaging with key stakeholders including media, family representatives and government authorities. Other experience includes response to hostile takeover of the Russian business of a major US corporation initiated by corrupt politicians and members of staff and response to a Russian shopping mall fire with multiple loss of life, mostly women and children. He speaks English, Russian and French.

Jonathan Blanche

Jonathan has more than 10 years experience responding in a leadership role to mass fatality disasters which started when he responded as part of the Kenyon International Emergency Services team in supporting the Australian Department of Defense in their response to the 2004 Asian Tsunami. Jonathan’s role was Logistics and Operations and he has since responded to countless high profile incidents and disasters on site leading deployed teams or within the Emergency Operations Centre providing organisational and logistical expertise.  These include Helios Air flight 522, Rio Tinto helicopter crash in Peru, Afriqiyah flight 771 and Air India flight 812.

Jonathan also worked within the Nuclear Power industry, responsible for the Data & Voice Networks and Emergency Planning and Procedures. His responsibilities included Management of the National Nuclear Activation Call System (NNARCS). Jonathan was in the Royal Air Force for 10 years.

Rebecca Carr

With over 10 years’ experience in crisis management and an MSc in Disaster Management and Sustainable Development from Northumbria University, Rebecca has built up a wealth of knowledge across a number of sectors including UK Local Authorities, NHS, Voluntary and the Aviation industry.

Rebecca’s areas of expertise include; incident response, creation and testing of plans, large scale live exercises, table-top based exercises and planned events.

Her landmark projects and incident responses include; programme management for the London Olympic and Paralympic Games as part of the British Red Cross, delivery of mitigation processes for the UK response to H1N1 in 2009 as part of the National Health Service, emergency management in response to the devastating UK floods in 2013 with Surrey County Council and aviation incidents including protestors chained together on the runway at London City Airport and terminal evacuation in relation to a chemical incident.

Elizabeth Flaherty

Elizabeth has more than 20 years experience in public relations and the media. She began her public relations career as media advisor at the Royal North Shore Hospital. At the time it was the busiest hospital in the State and she quickly demonstrated her natural ability to manage very sensitive and often high profile issues in a consistently pressured environment.

Elizabeth used her exceptional strengths in media and issues management to work across a range of specialised areas including telecommunications, finance, tourism and the emerging alternative energy sector. However, health care continued to be a cornerstone of Elizabeth’s career. In the media Elizabeth has worked across newspaper, radio and television. That experience translates to her public relations expertise and she has never issued a media release that did not receive coverage. Her roles have included both in-house and agency roles. Elizabeth has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Television and Sound Production, and a Graduate Diploma in Southeast Asian Studies.

Mei Su

Having worked for Air China for about 30 years, Mei Su’s career were mainly devoted to international affairs,safety management and emergency response management. As the head of Air China’s Alliance and IATA affairs, she has been involved in emergency response planning for many years, including the Star Alliance emergency response & safety committee and IATA’s crisis communications. Mei has an MBA degree, was awarded the Chevening scholarship from the UK Foreign Commonwealth Office and graduated from Royal Holloway, University of London.

Kirstin Bouse

Kirstin’s 20 year career as a Clinical and Forensic Psychologist spans prison systems, employee assistance programs, child protection and private practice. In 2005, she was the youngest Court Expert to be appointed in the Family Court and Children’s Court and worked in this area for 5 years. Whilst she has ceased Court Expert work, Kirstin still provides psychological assessment and therapy services for clients interfacing with all Court systems. Therapeutically, Kirstin’s primary areas of expertise relate to issues that reflect her clinical and forensic expertise. These include; trauma (all forms), anxiety, workplace incidents, stress, critical incident stress debriefing and psychological first aid and personality disorders. Kirstin provide clinical and forensic assessment and treatment psychology services to various government departments.

Tresslyn Smith

Tresslyn has 28 years experience working in Department of Consumer Protection where she was Senior Regional Officer and spokesperson for the Department. Prior to her role as SRO, she held the position of Investigations Officer for Consumer Protection and Office of Industrial Relations. Tresslyn has experience and wide-ranging knowledge across multiple sectors. She has extensive knowledge on relevant consumer legislation and has provided advice for both consumers and traders. Tresslyn has a Bachelor of Arts Degree, Majoring in History & Literature.

Bert van Walbeek

Bert “Bow-Thai” van Walbeek has 45 years’ experience in the Hotel and Tourism industry and has been  a Master of Disaster in this space for 30 years and a University Lecturer for 20 years.

During this tenure as VP Marketing Middle East for ITT Sheraton he had to face the crisis of the 1st Gulf War and developed the “Back to Normal” concepts for the Sheraton Hotels in the area and for the Egyptian General Authority for the Promotion of Tourism.

During Thailand’s Black May crisis in May 1992, he was Chairman of the TAT Marketing Working Group for the 1992 Recovery Committee developed “The World, Our Guest” campaign.

Bert worked with PATA (Pacific Asia Travel Association) on  Risk & Crisis Management publication “Expect the unexpected“ and developed PATA’s first educational & training module on that topic. He also co-authored with Dr. David Beirman the PATA publication “Bounce Back “.

Bert was part of the Bali Recovery Task Force and initiated with PATA the Tourism Crisis Recovery Communication Plan for Sichuan and Chengdu. He also worked with the Macau Government Tourism Office towards setting up a separate government entity called “Tourism Crisis Management Office”.

Until recently, Bert was the Chairman of the PATA Rapid Recovery Taskforce and has instigated the plans for pro-active and re-active risk mitigation and crisis management advocacy as well as for rapid recovery support. The taskforce’s efforts were tested during recent crises in India, Thailand, the Philippines, Guam and Fiji. Most recently he was the Coordinator of a Nepal Tourism Rapid Recovery Task Force.

Tim Hely

Tim has extraordinary experience in crisis management having been Manager emergency, crisis and security operations at Snowy Hydro. He wrote, maintained and updated the crisis and emergency management framework and plans for this iconic institution to mitigate against both current strategic and emerging risks.
Tim has recently managed an ebola treatment unit in Liberia.

In support of the US Agency for International Development Mission for the eradication of Ebola in Liberia, he developed relationships with local health authorities, the WHO, eHealth Africa and Global Communities Development. This enabled inter-agency understanding and the successful recruitment of local nationals to staff a facility built from scratch. The Unit was opened 6 days after Tim and the major contractor (PAE) assumed responsibility for it, and passed its WHO audit a week later. Tim then focused on the development of collective capability and indigenous capacity building, resourcing incremental improvements against the most challenging of logistic supply lines, and contributed to the long term future of health infrastructure improvements in South East Liberia, advising Aspen Medical, PAE and US AID accordingly.

Tim’s portfolio includes command and leadership appointments within severely testing international operational environments and in the training domain. He has briefed senior levels of leadership up to Cabinet level in highly volatile settings. He has experience in emergency and crisis management, training design and delivery, policy development and longer-term contingency planning, using adaptable risk management techniques in tactical to Strategic situations and organisational change, where a combination of proactive diplomacy and swift action has been required.

Troy Edward

Troy is an experienced senior manager with strong capability in all aspects of security, risk, crisis and emergency management. He has a depth and diversity of skills from over 20 years’ experience across a broad section of industry including aviation, resources, infrastructure, transport, government, maritime and essential services. Troy’s core strength is developing and implementing security and crisis management programs, including policy and plan development in complex organisational environments. Troy holds a Bachelor of Science (Security), a Diploma of Security and Risk Assessment, Diploma of Business Management, Certificate 4 Workplace Training and Assessment.

Parul Ghosh

Parul is the Senior Associate in South Asia for GoCrisis. Parul Ghosh is a development professional based in Mumbai, India who has worked on issues like Disability Rights, Gender based violence in India and Youth empowerment. Through her work, especially in the space of disability rights, policy and accessibility, she has implemented projects globally and worked towards setting up of local networks in Africa, Arab Region and the Commonwealth of Independent States, while liaising with global agencies such as the United Nations (DESA), Bank Information Centre, World Health Organisation, among many others. Parul has also worked extensively in India towards access, legislations and policies.

Steve Manion

Steve has been an integral part of the GoCrisis team for many months as a GoResponder Team Leader and our Call Centre Manager. With his sound background in business development management in the IT industry in the United States and Australia, Steve has now joined the full-time team to support GoCrisis associates in their commercial work. Steve’s technical knowledge in software, hardware and call centre platforms has made him a valuable member of our call centre team as the GoCrisis Call Centre (GoCC) Manager during crisis.

Salah Mudara

Salah MUDARA has over 39 years experience in Aviation Technical, Engineering, Operations, Aviation Safety program development, Emergency Response Planning and Aircraft Accident Investigation. Graduated as an Aeronautical Engineer from United Kingdom, and attained his MBA in Aerospace Management from Toulouse, France.

Through his career, he has attained numerous qualifications in the aviation arena from world-renowned institutes.

He has held various management positions in a number of airlines, before opting for independent aviation training & advisory services. His last full time post was Manager Flight Safety & Operation Technical with the first and largest low cost carrier in the Middle East & North Africa. His professional affiliation over the years has been as member of IATA Safety Committee, Arab Air Carriers Organization’s Technical & Safety Committee, International Society of Air Safety Investigators, Flight Safety Foundation, IATA ERP Working Group, International Airlines Technical Pool, and Board of Directors – American Mission School (Alraja) Bahrain. He is currently a Board member of Middle East & North Africa Society of Air Safety Investigators (MENASASI).

He has been involved in the investigation of various aircraft accidents/incidents involving company aircraft, including an Airbus A320 accident Aug/2000 in Bahrain, and A320 accident in Abu Dhabi, Mar/1997. Has been a speaker in a number of international conferences, and currently lectures on various Aviation Safety, Human Factors, Crew Resource Management & Emergency Response topics at different international operators and institutes.

Salah has also been part of Airbus safety task force team, that produced the first “Safety Manager’s Handbook”, and part of Global Aviation Information Network (GAIN) which produced the first “Operator’s Flight Safety Handbook”.

Consultants and Support Staff

GoCrisis has a team of Social Media and Support Staff in our response team. The team consists of experienced, energetic and professional people. All our team members have been trained in stress management, crisis communication skills, soft skills and Psychological First Aid.