About GoCrisis: Your Partner in Crisis Management

GoCrisis is an international organisation based in the United Kingdom and Australia, with operations covering the Americas, Europe, Africa, Middle East, CIS, China, and Asia Pacific. With first-hand, international crisis management experience across multiple industries, our multinational team of specialists supports organisations through complex crises and emergencies.

Our clients include some of the leading companies in their sector such as aviation (where we represent some of the World’s largest airlines), infrastructure (including the World’s largest bulk and shipment ports), mining resources, universities and other leading brands.

Our philosophy is to empower our clients with knowledge, skill and resources to respond effectively to an issue or crisis involving their organisation. We do this by building a strong partnership through unreserved information sharing, training and by keeping our methods and practice in alignment with key global standards.

Our strength lies in our multiple industry crisis management experience. We believe that cross-industry lessons should be learned and applied to enhance the response capabilities of our clients. GoCrisis brings a multi disciplinary team together with commercial credentials and experience, first-hand emergency response field experience and military and police training.