Family Assistance

In the aftermath of a serious incident or accident, it is vital to take care of the needs of those most affected. The GoCrisis team will work closely with you to meet the needs of families, friends and survivors.

GoCrisis supports our clients in establishing and managing a Family Assistance Centre (FAC), which will typically be located in a hotel at an appropriate location. The FAC is a secure meeting place for incident survivors, family members, and friends to be provided with care and allow them to receive information regarding investigations, the victim identification process, management of personal effects, and the provision of disaster crisis counseling services.  GoCrisis will ensure that family members not traveling to the FAC have access to the same information and support services as those provided on scene.

We pride ourselves on the high standards of our care team who we train annually on crisis responder’s best practice principles, activation procedures and the World Health Organization’s psychological first aid guidelines.

Family Assistance Centre

  • Establishing of a secure family assistance Centre (FAC) according to the standards of industry legislation and best practice, at a location near the incident site or other locations.
  • Management of the FAC (including support staff).

Family support

  • Provision of trained care team members to support families and survivors at the site or other location (in accordance with best practice).
  • Providing logistical support to family members, survivors and support staff.
  • Liaising with the call centre on family and travel information.
  • Coordinate the arrival and transfers of friends and family to the FAC.
  • Provision of mental health support to families and survivors at site or within their home communities.
  • Provision of mental health support and debriefing to employees at affected stations, the accident site and other locations.
  • Support with coordination of family briefings.
  • Support with coordination of private family briefings and interviews.
  • Support with liaising with hospitals and hospitalised persons.
  • Support with notification to families as required.

Outreach Services

  • Support with long term contact with families and/or staff who have been directly affected, for example: periodic phone calls or emails from GoCrisis personnel representing your organisation, to enquire about the wellbeing of the family.
  • Supporting the family by linking them with services and support.

Our care team members are strategically based around the world and trained annually to provide psychological first aid to families and employees.

GoCrisis will support survivors, families and employees with a professional mental health service and through our outreach program for the longer term.