Disaster Assistance

Managing the aftermath of a disaster involving victims, families and employees is an overwhelming task in an environment where standards for a fast, effective, transparent and compassionate response are higher today than it has ever been. GoCrisis will be your partner in challenging times, by supporting and taking direction from you as to what you may need in terms of support, counsel and supplementing resources in emergency and crisis.

Strategic Advice and Tactical Support

  • GoCrisis personnel (including Senior Crisis Responders) are deployed to your premises, the crisis location and/or outstations to provide support to your emergency management team.
  • We support you in establishing crisis management, incident management and joint operation centres.
  • GoCrisis helps with the crisis management strategy.
  • We provide insight and forward planning.
  • We support you with government, agency and stakeholder relations.

Repatriation services

  • We can arrange the international repatriation of the deceased according to the wishes of families.
  • We liaise and coordinate with relevant embassies, receiving nations coronial services, agents and authorities to ensure correct procedures and protocols are followed for the dignified transportation of remains.
  • GoCrisis works with appropriately certified funeral directors to prepare the remains in accordance with requirements of the country of destination.
  • Support your organisation in communication with families at all stages of the repatriation process.
  • We provide support in planning and coordination of the interment of unidentified human remains.

Personal Effects

  • We provide search and recovery of personal effects from the incident in respect of the Crisis site and other locations.
  • Storing and processing the personal effects at a secure location.
  • Drying, airing and decontamination of personal effects.
  • Documenting, photographing and cataloguing personal effects.
  • Preparing a web-based, electronic and print catalogue for families to view and identify property.
  • We facilitate the cleaning, repairing and secure delivery of personal effects according to the wishes of families.
  • Secure storage of unclaimed property in accordance with best practice with a mapped inventory for ease of access for ongoing claims.
  • Eventual destruction of unclaimed personal effects in close consultation with families.

Memorial Services

  • GoCrisis provides support in the logistical and ceremonial organisation of the dedication service, the annual and lasting memorial services.

Recovery and remediation services

  • Management of site clean-up and remediation.
  • Management of decontamination of assets and/or facilities site and property decontamination.
  • Recovery of property.


GoCrisis supports you in all arrangements of sending a loved one on their final journey back home. We guide you through the regulatory processes as well as ensuring the wishes of families are met.

Personal Effects

The respectful recovery, cleaning, repairing and returning belongings according to the wishes of families.

Recovery and Remediation

GoCrisis will support your organisation in recovery efforts including site remediation and reputational recovery.