Reputational Risk Assessment and Crisis Mitigation

GoCrisis assists organisations in identifying areas where they may be vulnerable and exposed to reputational risk. Damage to reputation can stem from incidents within the control of the organisation, but also from those that are completely out of the organisation’s control. More often than not, damage to reputation stems not from the fact that the company finds itself in crisis, but how well they responded to it.

Our industry experts and strategic team examines the potential risks that an organisation is exposed to. GoCrisis provides guidance on how to eliminate or mitigate these risks and how to apply this insight to planning and preparation.

Crisis Management and Emergency Response Planning

GoCrisis develops tailored Crisis Management Response Plans that are comprehensible, easy to navigate, practical and realistic to use in times of crisis. The crisis plan will consider your organisation’s internal capacity to respond effectively by investigating existing processes, roles, responsibilities and resources. With a thorough audit, we can respectfully address any shortfalls in crisis response capabilities.

We support our clients in the process of implementing the crisis plan and resource structures.

Post-Crisis Analysis

The most valuable learning originates from crisis situations. However, scrutinising actions taken, shortfalls and mistakes can be a stressful process that most want to avoid – particularly once a team is fatigued and emotional after responding to a crisis. With our extended experience in managing crisis at the frontline, GoCrisis is particularly aware of these circumstances.

That is why we will support your team through the process of rebuilding with a post-crisis analysis approach that is sensitive, diplomatic and helpful. We conduct anonymous interviews, gather facts and make constructive suggestions to implement lessons learned. GoCrisis also focus on what went well and how to leverage of these positive lessons.