Crisis Communication in the Social Media Age: a “revolution”


Over the past few years, GoCrisis has paid much attention to the social media phenomenon and how it influences the way a crisis unfolds, the way information is shared in crises, and the power of social media as a crisis communications tool for organisations.

Crisis Communication in the Social Media Age: a “revolution”2017-05-16T12:50:37+08:00

Learning from the authorities: National Transport Safety Board (NTSB)


We have had some great interaction with the NTSB ( in our continuous focus to stay abreast of industry standards and in knowing exactly what is expected of us from authorities when responding with and on behalf of our clients. Elias Kontanis (Chief, Transportation Disaster Assistance Division) and his team has been exceptional in their knowledge sharing.

Learning from the authorities: National Transport Safety Board (NTSB)2017-05-15T15:29:45+08:00

GoResponder News


Our GoResponders are the backbone of our organisation. Without their dedication and passion, we will not be able to support our clients in the mammoth task of dealing with an influx of phone calls, looking after affected people, maintaining a strong presence on all platforms and continuing to remain the main source of information to all [...]

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Contact Centre – Providing crisis capacity over a long weekend


GoCrisis recently provided call centre capacity to a client who had an issue over a long weekend where they were unable to secure resources from their business call centre to answer an influx of phone calls from concerned customers. Our team jumped into action and provided much needed call centre agent capacity in crisis. The [...]

Contact Centre – Providing crisis capacity over a long weekend2017-01-10T09:37:45+08:00

Client Feature: Hainan Airlines


Thank you to Mr Sun Jianfeng, President of Hainan Airlines for hosting a successful training day in which Elmarie Marais and Elizabeth Flaherty talked to the executive team about Family Assistance and Crisis Communications. It was a great honour to work with an energetic leadership team that gave their full dedication to the training and [...]

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Social Media in Corporate Crisis Management


Social media has accelerated exponentially the speed with which information is circulated. With each and every one of us a potential reporter equipped with a device in our pockets to share news with the world, organisations need to be prepared to communicate and respond as quickly as it takes our interconnected selves to click like [...]

Social Media in Corporate Crisis Management2017-01-10T09:37:45+08:00